Conservation and Exploration

We strive to be an ethical and conservation-based company with the emphasis on fish welfare. As the world has evolved so has our ability to locate and catch fish with an evolution from sustainability to industrialisation.


As only a small cog in a large wheel we aim to try to put back as much into the fishing as we take out of it. Emphasis on our charters are in our catch and release and tagging policies for all species wherever possible.


We use billfish release tags and measure and release on all species except the limited number destined for the table that night.


A lot of the area we visit are with the generous kind permission of the owners and residents and we want to give back to those people as much as we take away in photos and memories.


Where possible we will aim to visit reefs and islands only once on a trip to prevent excess pressure on the fish in the area and look to explore new areas each time. This has the advantage of providing our anglers with the chance to be the first to see new places and experience new areas on every trip.


PNG has one of the last unexplored ocean environments worldwide and we seek to keep it that way for future generations. Hooks are barbless and single hooks for most species reducing stress and mortality rates. What can be better than visiting a place for the first time and fishing virgin waters?


We will always try to limit the amount of time fish are out of water for to measure and take samples where appropriate for marine research.


If you want to try something new then we can help, be it jigging for dogtooth tuna for the first time to fishing the shelves and drop off’s for giant blue and black marlin. We can cater to fly fishermen if you wish to bring your own tackle and will try and find the best places and times for you to try your luck against the unseen leviathans that lurk around the perfect clear waters.